The MCPI stands for a new self-report measure - the Mechanisms of Contemplative Practice Inventory (Dorjee et al., 2021). The term ‘contemplative practice’ covers a broad range of introspective, reflective and spiritual practices typically including various types of meditation and prayer. The MCPI has been developed to assess the key components of a model outlining cognitive and affective mechanisms modified by contemplative practice (Dorjee, 2016; Dorjee, 2017). These components include the metacognitive self-regulatory capacity (MSRC) and modes of existential awareness (MEAs) which are modulated within a particular context of contemplative practice with intentions one brings to their practice. Accordingly, the MCPI consists of three measures:

Inventory of the Metacognitive Self-regulatory Capacity assessed during Contemplative Practice (IMSRC-CP)

The MSRC involves processes enabling us to manage attention, emotions and behaviour. The IMSRC consists of several subscales assessing three components of the MSRC: (1) Metacognition and attention, (2) Rumination and emotion regulation, and (3) Healthy emotional qualities.

Modes of Existential Awareness Inventory (IMEA)

The term 'modes of existential awareness' describes overarching phenomenological states associated with sense of self and reality. The IMEA assesses 15 MEAs, from immersion in mental phenomena (sticky mind) to pristine awareness (rigpa). Some of the MEAs are likely associated with higher psychological wellbeing, while others with lower psychological wellbeing.

Intention and Context of Contemplative Practice Inventory (ICCPI)

The ICCPI consists of three dimensions – Context of Contemplative Practice Dimension (ICCPI-C), Intention for Contemplative Practice Dimension (ICCPI-I) and Ethical Values in Contemplative Practice Dimension (ICCPI-E).

If you practice mindfulness or other type of contemplative practice in any tradition, from beginner to advanced, please help us validate these new measures by completing this validation survey. The survey takes about 40 minutes to fill in and should be completed in one session. Thank you!