DIWeC stands for the Developmental Inventory of Mental Health and Wellbeing Capacities. It is a new measure of cognitive and affective capacities underpinning mental health and wellbeing based on the Developmental Theory of Mental Health and Wellbeing Capacities (DeTeC, Dorjee, 2024). The DeTeC framework expands the scope of mental health and wellbeing theories which are mostly symptom-focused and self-focused. The two key wellbeing capacities proposed in this theory are the self-regulation capacity and the self-world capacity, based on extensive research of the previous literature suggesting that self-regulation/self-control and qualities such as prosociality, self-transcending sense of prupose and flexible sense of self can be considered  internal resources predictive of mental health and wellbeing as well as sustainable and prosocial behaviour. 

To enable further research on the mental health and wellbeing capacities postulated in the DeTeC, we have developed a new measure of these capacities called the Developmental Inventory of Wellbeing Capacities (DIWeC). Please help us validate this new measure by completing the validation survey.